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Tajdar-e-Haram (PBUH) Ho Nigah-e-Karam

Tajdar-e-Haram (PBUH) Ho Nigah-e-Karam

Javeria Saleem is a popular Naat Khawan from Pakistan, known for her melodious voice and recitation style. She has released several albums, and her naats are available for online listening and download on various platforms, including NaatAudio and The Free Islam She has also performed at various events and conferences, and her naats are widely appreciated by audiences. In addition, she has been recognized as the "Best Naat Khawan of the World.

Javeria Saleem is a highly respected Naat Khawan, a term used in the Muslim community to describe individuals who specialize in reciting and performing Naats. Naats are poetic expressions of love, praise, and admiration for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Islamic tradition. Javeria Saleem's expertise lies in delivering these poetic verses with melodious vocals and heartfelt devotion, aiming to inspire spiritual connection and reverence for the Prophet.

As a Naat Khawan, Javeria Saleem's role extends beyond musical performance; she serves as a medium to express profound respect and affection for the Prophet Muhammad through her renditions. Naat Khawans like her hold a significant place in Muslim gatherings, religious events, and recordings, where their performances evoke a sense of love, devotion, and admiration for the Prophet and his teachings. Their artistry aims to spiritually uplift and connect audiences with the profound love and reverence for the Prophet Muhammad.

Javeria Saleem Naats Play list

Aisa Lagta Hai Yehi Allah Ko Manzoor

Andhere Mein Dil Ke Chiragh-e-Muhabbat

Tajdar-e-Haram (PBUH) Ho Nigah-e-Karam

Shah-e-Madina (PBUH) Shah-e-Madina (PBUH)

Paaray Paaray Pe Likha Hai Kamli Walay (PBUH) Ka Naam

Momino Ramzan Ka Mah-e-Mubarak Aagaya

Mein Sou Jaon Ya Mustafa Kehte Kehte

Karam Ho Ya Mohammad (PBUH)

Hub-e-Nabi Say Dil Ko Youn Behlatay Thay


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