Jisse Aankhon Te Mein Wi Madinay

Naat Khawan : Aamir Qadri


“Jisse Aankhon Te Mein Wi Madinay” is a phrase in Punjabi that translates to “Whom I have seen with my own eyes is also in Madinah.” This phrase is often included in Punjabi naats and poetry to express the longing and love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the city of Madinah.

While I’m unable to provide the complete lyrics of the naat, you may find recordings or written versions of the naat by searching for its title online or through Islamic naat collections. This naat is likely to express deep admiration and devotion to the Prophet Muhammad and the spiritual significance of Madinah.

Aamir Qadri Naats Play list

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Jisse Aankhon Te Mein Wi Madinay

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